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First session: what to expect!

We are excited to work with you and help you through your journey to a better stressfree life! 

Your session will begin at 10AM and ends 1-2PM , depending on session.

We do not take breaks for lunch, we highly encourage you to have snacks available for when you need a pick me up! To keep you energized!

How to prepare:

  1. Please do not clean up before. We need to see your space how it is in order to help you. 

  2. At this moment, you don't need to buy any containers, bins etc. The less you have, the less containers and such you'll need. We'll figure that out once when space has been cleaned out.

  3. We require your presence for the ENTIRE session, we are here to teach you and help you maintain the organization. Also need your input on what items are treasures, trash and so on. We can manage without you on smaller area, any items in question can be discuss as we go!

  4. We DO NOT trash anything without your permission.

  5. Please have bags available for trash, recycle and donate if needed. 

  6. First session can be really hard to deal with and pretty overwhelming, considering we are going through years of stuff but the end result will be all worth it! Have fun and be proud you're taking the first step towards taking control of your space!

  7. During and after you may feel exhausted. That's normal, we went through a lot. Treat yourself to something you enjoy! You deserve it!

And lastly.... NO judgement whatsoever! Life happens!! It's okay! No one is perfect and no home is perfect! Let's do this!

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